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My baby is ready for solids! I'm so excited...

But where the heck do I start!?
Perhaps you've already scoured through the internet, read through different books, and may have even decided on how and what you're going to feed your baby first.  You've spoken to your friends and family, joined a few facebook group for support, consulted the doctor and got the OK to start solids. 

Maybe you've already made a whole freezer full of baby food ready to go.  OR that you've decided that you would simply feed the baby whatever you're eating.  You can barely wait to start seeing your baby take his first bite of food.   

But then the more information you get, the more you feel overwhelmed, unsure and confused.  Everyone is giving you different opinions and they all contradict each other (remember when your baby won't sleep and you try to look up information on sleep training?!  Yes, it is so very messy and confusing).     

You are worry about choking, How much should your baby really be eating? Is baby getting enough milk? Should I do puree or baby-led weaning? Is baby getting enough Iron? Is food before one just for fun?   

So Here is the truth ...

Your baby is unique, so why follow everyone else?

Instead you will need:

Up to date Knowledge

You will get all up to date recommendations in one place so you won't have to worry about missing something. You will know understand what exactly are the research and reasonings behind the recommendations and make appropriate adjustments that work for you!


Knowing that you're guided by a regulated health professional, a feeding expert and a mom who has raised a competent little eater and helped hundreds of other families do the same.  You can be confident that the information is trustworthy and valuable.  Here's a little secret, Confidence is your BEST tool to feeding your baby.   

Ongoing Support

You will run into more questions as you start solids and making progression and I will be right here by your side when you need me.  The best way for me to support you is to understand your unique situation and so, you will get access to weekly office hours to me.  I will also be updating and adding in new videos & materials to the course over time and you will have lifetime access.

Relax and Enjoy

Food is love.  Feeding your baby should be one of the most rewarding times for your family.  With the all-in-one course package, you can really feel at ease that you are doing the RIGHT thing and focus on enjoying this amazing milestone! 



Trusted Feeding Expert

Get clear, evidence-based information and guidance from a registered dietitian about your baby’s nutrition needs during the most important developemental years.


All-in-One Package

Find everything you need in one place!  Simple checklists and handouts to help you dive right into feeding at each stage. Know exactly what you need to do and feel confident that you’re providing the best for your baby.


Ongoing Support

Weekly group coaching calls to support you through this amazing journey.  Jump on one of these calls or pre-submit your questions to slash all the feeding roadblocks!

Course Launch Date (March 26, 2018)








What Other Parents Are Saying About This Course:

“The course helped me gain the confidence of a baby’s ability with food.  Honestly, I found everything super helpful. I am feeling so much better giving my baby food.”
“I thought it was a great course which helped me not feel so overwhelmed about starting solids.”
“Thank you for doing this workshop. I really wish I had taken it sooner. I plan on forwarding your info to my many pregnant friends.”

“This took the guesswork and confusion out of introducing solids!”

Andrea P.

“Relevant and well-researched, I appreciated Amy’s friendly and encouraging approach to nutritional education for our little ones.”

Kristen M. & Baby C

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Amy is an Registered Dietitian and Mom of a hungry toddler. Amy shares her insights from personal and professional experience to provide clear, trustworthy nutrition information to build confidence in feeding your child during the developmentally most important two years of life.

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